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From immigration to defence, from social to environmental issues, there are high expectations throughout the EU for France’s stint in the chair. Its Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet previews the presidency agenda. Europe’s World is interested to know what your priorities for Europe are.

Click here to read the article by Jean-Pierre Jouyet “How France intends to meet all those EU presidency expectations”

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  1. From its very inception,since the very day of the formation of the European Community, the role the French government has been playing in the European Union affairs seems to be very much significant since France is and has been a pivotal European country whose objective has been to promote the community funtions on both bilateral dimensions- the economic and the political growth of the European Union. And yet during the Sarkozy era the Europeans do expect from paris to do something more prompt and befitting as for as the question of the European policy making is concerned.

  2. How about foreign relations? How does Sarkozy’s affinity for the US match the growing dissatisfaction of Europeans with warfare and multilateralism. If Europe is to commit to an increase in aid under the French presidency, as you are suggesting, how is the EU going to convince other actors on the international market to join hands with it? How about the Lisbon Agenda about the knowledge-based society.. the French have not exactly been the ones pushing for it… How will that affect the future?

  3. Where is the ambitious project of a Union for the Mediterranean? Why isn’t it mentioned at all by the French EU Minister?

    The French President has received praise for his vision that will revitalize the European Union’s relations with the Middle East and North Africa. Many expectations and discussions are currently taking place on this issue. The French Government will organize a Summit to present the project “Union pour la Méditerranée” on July 13th, inviting all heads of states from the EU Member States and the countries of the Southern Mediterranean rim. Despite the voices of some leaders who threaten to not attend, many populations are wishing for a vision that this project involves. Emigration, security, energy, climate change, water, desertification, population issues and employment are topics of interest for the southern Mediterranean region and the Sarkozy project adopted by the EU now is to be launched. it is not negligeable and it involves in all 750 million people! How can the Minister miss that?

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